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We take our core values very seriously. And our Brand Essence video does a great job of communicating them in an interesting way. Take a look.

We are dedicated to serving our communities.

Oswald’s commitment to community takes on many forms: service, charity, philanthropy, volunteerism, and advocacy.

For Oswald employees, commitment to community means more than writing checks or payroll deductions. At least once a year a local charity is the recipient of Oswald’s “Day of Caring,’ where employees invest (en masse) a day of labor, including painting, cleaning or making other onsite improvements.

In addition to cash and sweat, Oswald employees invest leadership in the communities they serve. Nearly 40 of its employees commit personal time and money as trustees or advisors for 70 non-profit organizations.

The firm’s commitment to community is evident at all levels of the organization.

The insurance brokerage also has a dedicated Non-Profit Practice that serves 250+ clients and provides them the same level of risk consulting and brokered services that are enjoyed by its Fortune 500 clients.

Women Of Oswald Helping Out Others (WooHoo)

WooHoo’s mission statement is: “Sharing our strength, resources and love to empower and enrich the lives of others.” This group was formed because the women of Oswald felt that by reaching out to our entire organization and banding together, they could reach a broader community.

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Working at Oswald is more than a job. It’s a commitment to the values that guide our company.

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Marc S. Byrnes was named the 2012 Volunteer of the Year by the United Way of Greater Cleveland. 

Oswald Employee-Owners raised over $5,500 for the 2012 Cleveland MS Walk. 

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