Reduce the risk associated with chemical and environmental businesses. 

Our unmatched experience and expertise in managing the unique risks associated with chemical and environmental businesses help us anticipate risk effectively. Whether you handle petroleum-based products, asbestos, lead, hazardous waste, contaminated soil or groundwater, or any other potential chemical/pollutant, our chemical risk management experts will craft a tailored solution to meet your needs. 

Our chemical risk consulting specialists will perform an environmental liability exposure analysis so you understand your total environmental risk picture. We then help you proactively manage your operational exposures and those that stem from legacy and historical issues at your locations. One example of this is determining if you are responsible for any transportation or disposal of materials that arise out of remediation activities. Oswald has a firm understanding of how to mitigate this risk. 

Let our chemical risk consulting professionals customize a unique solution that addresses your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our chemical risk management services. 

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