Tailored Insurance Strategies for Manufacturers

It’s a challenging environment, where the needs of the present must be met and the needs of the future anticipated.

The cost of raw materials fluctuates, especially for manufacturers of steel, rubber, plastics and food products, particularly when petroleum enters the  process. Revenues can appear higher, even when production stays the same. Yet many insurance companies base premiums on revenues. When revenues swing up, so do premiums. Tying premiums to unstable prices creates uncertainty for manufacturers that need predictability  when budgeting for the future.

Oswald Companies works with insurance providers that base ratings and  premiums on production, not revenue.

We work with our providers to ensure that our manufacturing clients are  rated fairly for the true exposures they represent and are paying appropriate premiums.

Our consulting team provides industry-specific solutions that cover:

  • Products pollution liability
  • Errors and omissions
  • Discontinued products
  • Product recall expense
  • Property pre-loss risk management assessments

At Oswald, we know that annual sales figures don’t necessarily  reflect the hidden costs of the raw materials you must buy to make products. Why should they determine the premiums you pay?

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