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About Assurex 

Oswald is a proud member of Assurex Global, the world's largest association of privately held insurance brokers.  The partnership allows our risk management professionals can service and support the needs of our clients worldwide. 

Introducing the Oswald Private Exchange

The Oswald Private Exchange, powered by Assurex Global, is a private marketplace platform that gives employers an unprecedented range of administrative flexibility and employee health benefit options.

Key Features: 

Oswald now offers a unique proprietary Private Health Insurance Exchange. A Private Exchange, also known as Marketplace, allows employers to reduce administrative work, provide more employee choice and move to a defined contribution approach for employee benefits.

In collaboration with a leading employee-benefits outsourcing partner, Businessolver, this private exchange allows you to maintain a competitive advantage by offering best-in-industry benefits, while removing the heavy lifting of administration.

Advantages include:

  • The ability to choose either a defined contribution or a defined benefits plan
  • Access to a variety of medical and ancillary benefits customized for employers and their employees
  • Support for Affordable Care Act record-keeping responsibilities
  • Business data integration that enhances the benefit administration experience
  • Flexible decision support tools that make employee choice easier

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Focus on Choice

This platform is all about choice, giving both employers and their employees options for designing a benefits plan that works for them,” said Robert J. Klonk, CEO, Oswald Companies. "We are excited to be able offer what we feel is the finest private exchange offering in the healthcare marketplace to our clients throughout the country.”

In the News

April 2, 2014; Oswald Launches Private Exchange

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