osWell Health Management Services 

When it comes to managing the health of your organization, Oswald is goal-focused: to help you improve the health of your company while also proving the program’s effectiveness. And, we don’t let anything stand in the way of that goal. Here’s how we accomplish this:

Our Products and Services Help You

Consulting Services
Our consulting team will assist you with the design of your health management program and guide you to the available resources you have as an Oswald client. You will have a designated Health Management Consultant assigned to support you every step of the way.

Worksite Health Support
Worksite health is key for the success of any health management program. Our dedicated osWell Health Coordination Team can help you implement any or all of the following:

  • health risk assessment
  • employee survey
  • health screening
  • flu vaccination program
  • health fair
  • health seminars

osWell Health Management Resource Center

This online center provides you with helpful resources for implementing your health management activities. Highlights include:

  • a health observance calendar
  • suggestions on how to enhance your programming
  • downloadable marketing materials
  • access to our health webinars 

osWell University

Each year, we feature webinars to educate and support your health management efforts.

Employer Programs. These programs focus on educational topics to help your team learn more about health management and how to successfully implement programs. Topic highlights:

  • What is a best-in-class health management program?
  • How do you create a site champion team that works?
  • How will Health Care Reform impact wellness programs?
  • Why is a health risk assessment so important?
  • What is the best way to increase program participation?

Employee Programs. These webinars are designed to educate your employees on fitness, nutrition, stress management and being better health consumers. The webinars will be offered throughout the year. If you prefer having an on-site session exclusively for your employees, we can provide that support, too.


For questions or more information, please contact the osWell Health Management Hotline at 877.746.0026

What Our Customers Say

"Our partnership with Oswald has been invaluable. Not only do they help us control costs, they provide value-added benefits like connecting us with the right vendors for health screenings and helping us find nutritionists and other experts for our health and wellness workshops. Virtually any time we need something related to our health and wellness programs, Oswald has stepped up for us.”

 -The Riverside Company 

‘‘Our relationship with Oswald over the last twelve years has been of enormous benefit to Old Trail School and to our employees. They have provided excellent guidance and counseling in helping OldTrail School create a wellness “culture” that not only impacts productivity and attendance, but carries through to the lives of employees’ families.”

- Old Trail School

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