The expertise and skill to manage your personal exposure to risk.

We provide dedicated teams of experts who deliver skilled and customized service, a mix of personal attention and electronic interaction, to protect your sophisticated insurance needs worldwide. Whether it’s high value homeowners insurance, classic automobiles, large watercraft, jewelry, collectibles, and protection from loss or litigation, our expert team of property and casualty experts enable us to write favorable policies, streamline claims and foster strong relationships with first responders so you can receive priority treatment.

So much happens before a policy is written or a claim submitted. These efforts often include conducting an annual risk evaluation and assessment; identifying uninsured exposures; acting as a liaison between you and the carrier; creating a customized program, establishing protocols, and even having a team of pre-approved restoration and contractor vendors identified.

We offer comprehensive protection for:

  • Domestic and international property, autos, yachts, aircraft
  • Valuable collections - including fine arts, jewelry, wine, firearms, coins, memorabilia, etc.
  • Complex situations and/or catastrophic-prone geographic areas
  • Loss prevention services, such as hurricane preparedness and wildfire defense
  • Properly insuring assets within trusts, partnerships and LLC's 
  • Individual and portfolio directors’ and officers’ liability solutions
  • Liability and workers’ compensation for domestic employees
  • Kidnap and ransom
  • Excess personal liability limits up to $100 million
  • Liaison to specialty services, including personal security, identity theft resolution, medical concierge, global emergency medical travel assistance, and other services
  • Lifestyle services, including bill pay, travel arrangements, finding domestic help, and more

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