Expert claims advocacy from start to finish.

At Oswald, we understand that you have a life to lead, and that property claims can’t slow you down. Which is why you can rest assured that we are ready to handle any situation that arises. We bridge that critical space between clients and the insurance carriers. Often times clients and carriers hope that nothing will happen. But they need to be prepared for anything. With Oswald, clients quickly realize the benefit of having a claims advocate. Someone who understands the intricacies of their policy and knows how to champion their story.

Effective insurance claims analysis requires a complete understanding of all aspects of the claims process. And throughout this process, the level of expertise, support and advocacy you receive is unparalleled.

1. Verify
Our team quickly verifies the policy and the coverages that apply to the particular incident. In the meantime, we expedite the claim by contacting the carrier, getting a claim number, and having a carrier claims adjuster assigned.

2. Understand
Our claims team quickly helps clients comprehend the situation, gain direction, and engage pre-approved first responders, when necessary.

For auto: we ensure a vehicle is off the road, schedule a tow, direct the vehicle into a pre-approved shop, and/or secure a vehicle replacement that day.

For home: we address sewer backups, fires, a wildfire threat that requires a fire-retardant foaming of the house, hurricane protection, water extraction, removing downed trees, clean up, board up, mold, theft, liability, etc.

3. Resolve
Our team delivers peace of mind by quickly addressing the loss and fighting for 100% of the policy response. We help the adjuster “get the claim off his/her desk” as quickly as possible. Carriers appreciate this too. And so do clients, as we help return life to normal as quickly as possible.

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