Data management tools designed to manage risk and control costs.

The latest tool in our company risk management offering is the Oswald Analytic Knowledge System (OAKS). OAKS is our proprietary interactive approach to managing risk, controlling costs, complying with your reporting needs and managing information. OAKS provides a platform that supports the delivery of risk control services through analytics and specialized expertise. 

With OAKS you can:

  • Identify total cost of risk
  • Associate expense to risk
  • Understand cause and loss drivers
  • Mitigate loss
  • Assess exposure
  • Prepare strategy
  • Measure results
  • Document risk management activities
  • Aggregate data and information
  • Storage and retrieval 

OAKS features:

  • Client ownership of information
  • Data aggregation
  • Report generation
  • Analytic tools
  • Inter-disciplinary communication
  • Safe and secure repository for information and document scans
  • Analysts provide tech-expertise
  • Accepts multiple source information feeds 

OAKS benefits:

  • Identifies cost drivers
  • Creates a platform for communication and interaction
  • Adapts to current report formats
  • Responsive to reporting requirements
  • Information portability
  • Efficient process saves administrative time
  • Ease of storage and retrieval of risk management documents as claims, policies, financial analysis, marketing information and correspondence
  • Reduce loss costs 

When it comes to data management, trust the experienced team at Oswald. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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