Protect yourself and your business from claims associated with cyber attacks. 

Cyber attacks are frequently in the news and have emerged as a huge risk to national security and business. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff declared recently that cyber risk is one of the nation’s top security issues. Cyber attacks are widespread and are costing businesses and governments an enormous amount of money. And, many companies are unprepared to respond to information security breaches because they do not believe they are vulnerable to attack. Most IT staff have not been trained nor have the tools for basic risk management that must be implemented prior to purchasing cyber risk insurance.

Oswald offers you expert cyber risk consulting services, including the specialized coverages needed to address the liability from claims or lawsuits alleging that your organization failed to protect personally identifiable information obligations under various federal and state “red flag” laws. Whether a claim comes from employees, donors, or other third parties, we have the tools in place to monitor potentially impacted parties, even if there is never a claim.

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