Data Analytics LeaderFear Not Ladies – Take that Risk!

Author: Denise Mirtich | Date:May 23rd, 2017 | Category: Blog, Business Risk, News

Do you see people around you moving up the ladder while you stand still? Are you wondering what they have that you don’t? Could it be that they take chances? Step outside of their comfort zone to pursue their dreams or goals? Throughout our career paths, there are those few moments in which you must […]

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Professional Athletes as Brand Ambassadors | Personal Risk

Author: Rachele Spencer | Date:May 10th, 2017 | Category: Blog, Personal Risk

Professional Athletes and Coaches are often furnished vehicles from luxury automobile manufacturers, or high end auto dealerships, with the intent of promoting a specific brand. While not expected to make monthly lease payments, the arrangement may come with a non-monetary consideration for the vehicle loan, inclusive of signed merchandise and memorabilia; appearances or commercials; and […]

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aspire 2017Oswald’s Steve Lee to Join Panel at ASPIRE 2017; Conference Focuses on Investors, Dealmakers and Entrepreneurs

Author: admin | Date:May 9th, 2017 | Category: Blog, Events, General

CLEVELAND – May 9, 2017 – Oswald Companies is proud to support ASPIRE 2017. The conference, taking place May 18 at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel, is designed to bring together the region’s entrepreneurial, dealmaking and investor communities for a daylong event filled with dynamic keynote speakers, engaging panel discussions and power networking opportunities. Selling a Business: Panel Discussion […]

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Your Guide to Insuring Jewelry

Author: Kimberly Lucarelli | Date:May 4th, 2017 | Category: Blog, Personal Risk, Property & Casualty

Were you aware that according to The U.S. Jewelry State of the Market Report (Edahn Golan Diamond Research & Data, 2015), high-net worth clients spend four times as much on jewelry as the national average, and last year, sales grew significantly (over previous years)? Your client’s financial investments in precious gems and metals may be […]

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The Right Direction: Understand the Roles, Responsibilities and Liabilities of Board Participation

Author: Mary Fessler | Date:May 3rd, 2017 | Category: Blog, Business Risk, Property & Casualty

Accepting the invitation to join a board of directors for a non-profit organization can be a great honor, but the role also carries many responsibilities. Before you agree to accept a board seat, be sure that you understand the roles, risks and responsibilities involved. 1.) What are the expectations of your role on the board? Members may […]

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Risk Update & Reminders | Distracted Driving Awareness & Preventing Falls

Author: admin | Date:April 24th, 2017 | Category: Blog, Business Risk, Property & Casualty

Read below for important upcoming deadlines and notifications: April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month Our 24/7 society keeps us continually connected with cell phones, dashboard infotainment systems and voice command features. But all these things can put our lives at risk. Just one second of your attention is all it takes to change a life […]

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oswald caresCause and Effect: A Strong Start to Community Programs in 2017

Author: admin | Date:April 18th, 2017 | Category: Blog, General, News

New Year’s resolutions often fade as the pace of the year picks up. However, the resolve to serve others is a year-round commitment. From discovering new and creative ways to get involved, or acting quickly in response to critical needs, we hope the following recent programs inspire you and your organization to find meaningful ways […]

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Oswald Smart Culture AwardOswald Companies to be Recognized at Smart Culture Awards Program, April 6, in Cleveland

Author: admin | Date:April 4th, 2017 | Category: Blog, General, News

CLEVELAND – April 4, 2017 – Oswald Companies has been selected as an awards recipient in the inaugural Smart Culture Conference & Awards, presented by Alliance Solutions Group and Smart Business. This event will take place on Thursday, April 6, 2017, at Executive Caterers at Landerhaven. The Smart Culture Conference & Awards Program will recognize organizations that have developed a culture […]

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Parents: Have THIS Talk Before ‘The’ Talk | Internet Safety for Children

Author: Kimberly Lucarelli | Date:March 31st, 2017 | Category: Blog, Business Risk, Personal Risk

To promote health, safety and family values, all parents understand it is important to have ‘THE’ talk with their children. Prior to discussing the “birds and bees”, parents should have a much earlier ongoing discussion to ensure their children understand and practice safe-internet conduct. Perhaps because today’s parents have no personal experiences as children, themselves, with the many […]

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Cyber Liability: The Download on Ransomware and Social Engineering

Author: Lacy Rex | Date:March 28th, 2017 | Category: Blog, Business Risk, Property & Casualty

Nearly every organization has an exposure to Cyber Liability. The only differentiating factors are severity and where an organization falls from a risk profile. Organizations that have a large amount of personal health information, financial information and credit card information can be easily identified as targets for cyber-attacks. These attacks are evident from recent well-documented […]

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