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We are continuously monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic; your concerns are our concerns. Through our firm-wide business continuity strategy, we are fully prepared to respond to the evolving needs of our employees and clients during this time, with health and safety at the core of our protocols.

This includes the restriction of outside visitors at all of our locations until further notice. We have activated digital and virtual meetings and communication solutions for the continued delivery of our clients’ risk and insurance services. In addition, we have postponed or canceled all in-person events to protect the safety of our employees and the community.

To help better navigate your risk and insurance concerns, visit our COVID-19 resource center at oswaldcompanies.com/Coronavirus for news as it becomes available. For specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact your client management team directly or through the methods below:

 Contact us or click to call: 1.855.4OSWALD

If you have a COVID-19-related loss inquiry please connect here.



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Client Claims and Further Assistance

Our claim department is staffed and available to assist with any insurance claims you need to make. We are working remotely with full access to your policies. Please continue to report claims as you normally would. Insurance coverage for claims from COVID-19 is very fact-specific and depends on your claim scenario and the terms of your insurance policies. We will help you to understand the specifics of your individual circumstances and collaborate on the best approach to move forward.
Oswald also has access to exclusive partnerships and programs to offer clients in the areas of cleaning, sanitation, and restoration, professional and crisis communications, and more. Please contact us directly for more information.

Insurance Premium Flexibility

If you need insurance premium payment flexibility, please contact your Oswald team member for guidance. We will make sure you are clear on the payment flexibility to which you are eligible.

General Guidance:

 Health Insurance Premiums Grace Period

  • The Ohio Department of Insurance is ordering all insurers in Ohio to allow employers to offer employees a grace period for insurance premiums.
  • The grace period must provide the option of deferring payments interest-free for up to 60 calendar days from the original premium due date.
  • Health insurers must allow employers to continue covering employees even if the employees would otherwise become ineligible for insurance because of a decrease in work hours.

Property & Casualty Insurance Premium Payment Flexibility

  • If you are seeking insurance premium payment flexibility, click here to view full details of the Ohio Department of Insurance bulletin for information on the 60-day grace period for insurance premium payments.
  • For Ohio clients, premium bills will continue to be sent, however, carriers are waiving any late fees that would typically be assessed, and you cannot be canceled for non-payment of premiums during the 60 day grace period, which will end when the Ohio state of emergency has expired.
  • For clients in all other states, each P&C carrier has their own nuances of how they are handling premium flexibility, and all carriers are complying with state-specific requirements on insurance payments.  If you seek payment assistance, please contact your client management team for guidance and specifics of the position of your insurance carrier. We will make sure you are clear on the payment flexibility to which you are eligible.

Ohio Workers’ Compensation Payment Deferral

  • Employers will be permitted to defer insurance premium installment payments for March, April, and May until June 1. For more information visit the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation 


The following guidance is based on what is currently known about the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

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