COVID-19 Loss Inquiry and Claims Reporting

COVID-19 Loss Inquiry

Quick Response Form

Claim Reporting

If you have experienced a COVID-19 loss and would like to report a claim, please click on the button on this page or direct here. If you do choose to report a claim, we will provide general questions that will help you prepare for the questions the insurance companies will ask once they begin to evaluate your claim. We will assist and reach out with any questions, and provide a written confirmation when your claim is reported to your insurance carrier.

Business Income Quantification

Standard Checklist

Business Income Loss Documentation

It is important to track specific data for all business interruption claims. Please click on the button on this page or direct here to download a PDF checklist to help you track and quantify your business income loss.


The unforeseen circumstances surrounding COVID-19 have, and will continue to, raise issues for organizations concerning insurance policies and their response to financial losses caused by the pandemic.
As this is an evolving situation, Oswald is here to help clients navigate the right approach for their business, from individual review of any COVID-19-related losses and their insurance policies, to proper documentation of these losses for current and future action, and if or when it’s called for, the management of a claims review process and reporting.
Although unique to each situation and policy, businesses are experiencing claims coverage being denied by insurance carriers due to this pandemic status. Efforts are being made across all sectors to support the financial relief and recovery of businesses, with new guidance being released regularly.
In all cases of COVID-19-related losses, we are advising clients to document these details, for reference, recovery and future positioning. Please download our checklist here.
There are additional routes to relief from income losses for your organization, including premium payment flexibility, exposure review and updates, proactive risk advisory and more, to provide support in your time of need.
Contact your client management team to inquire on any of the topics presented here and discuss your specific situation and needs.
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