Our proactive approach to better health and lowered risk.

ERChealth is a wellness-focused employee healthcare insurance program specifically designed towards promoting healthier lifestyles and providing a long-term solution for employers looking to impact healthcare costs and healthcare risk.

Consistent savings, year after year

ERChealth has consistently and significantly beat the market relative to annual premium rate adjustments. This fully insured program, designed for employers with a minimum of 51 eligible employees, provides participating middle market employers the tools necessary to reduce claims and manage health insurance costs. There is not another program like ERChealth. The integration of a wellness and health education program enables participating employers to focus on managing employee claims.

Employee benefits only the ERChealth program can provide:

  • Market beating group rates
  • Extended rate guarantees
  • FREE fitness club memberships
  • On-site wellness coaching
  • Integrated health management
  • Pharmacy benefit management
  • Advantage of a preferred risk pool
  • Multiple plan design options
  • Access to all major hospital systems

Learn more about how ERChealth can benefit your company. Contact us today.

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