Oswald Private Exchange

Introducing the Oswald Private Exchange

The Oswald Private Exchange, powered by Assurex Global, is a private marketplace platform that gives employers an unprecedented range of administrative flexibility and employee health benefit options.

Key Features: 

Oswald now offers a unique proprietary Private Health Insurance Exchange. A Private Exchange, also known as Marketplace, allows employers to reduce administrative work, provide more employee choice and move to a defined contribution approach for employee benefits.

In collaboration with a leading employee-benefits outsourcing partner,Businessolver, this private exchange allows you to maintain a competitive advantage by offering best-in-industry benefits, while removing the heavy lifting of administration.

Advantages include:

  • The ability to choose either a defined contribution or a defined benefits plan
  • Access to a variety of medical and ancillary benefits customized for employers and their employees
  • Support for Affordable Care Act record-keeping responsibilities
  • Business data integration that enhances the benefit administration experience
  • Flexible decision support tools that make employee choice easier

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