The ACA Today: Where It Stands and How It Affects Employers [ARTICLE]

When it comes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a lot of organizations have questions. Professionals may feel an uncertainty with how everything will work or cost when it comes to their health care needs.

“The number one issue clients are worried about is cost,” says Klonk. “There is a tremendous amount of cost being shifted to employer plans, and there doesn’t seem to be a timeline of when it will end. Employers are doing everything they can to try to control costs, but yet continue to get hit with additional ACA costs.”

Click HERE to read an interview regarding the ACA with Robert Klonk, CEO of Oswald Companies from the Wellness Issue of HR Trends, a monthly magazine produced by ERC.

Additional topics featured in the article include:

  • Biggest concerns for employers
  • ACA winners and losers
  • The impact of community rating
  • Impact for insurance carriers

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