Law Firm Practice

Tailored Insurance & Risk Management Solutions

The law firm practice at Oswald provides comprehensive, bespoke insurance and risk management solutions to law firms nationwide.
Our team of experienced professionals (including attorneys, insurance experts that have worked with the world’s largest law firms, and former senior insurance executives) understand law firm operations and will guide you through the insurance industry to help meet your expectations, goals, and objectives.

Coverage Analysis and Program Recommendations 
Our team, led by a seasoned attorney, analyzes policy language, limits and deductibles to advise each law firm on their optimal insurance program structure.

Coverage Placement
Working with the leading insurance carriers across the globe, we ensure that each client receives the best available placement with financially strong carriers.

Risk Management and Best Practices 
We provide guidance in developing law firm policies and procedures, and in conducting firm risk audits. In addition, we partner with preeminent risk management and practice management professionals to assist our law firm clients in reducing the frequency and severity of losses.

Claims Analysis and Coverage Counseling
Our team provides comprehensive claims analysis and coverage counseling to our clients. When appropriate, we assist in engaging defense counsel for our law firm insureds.

Exclusive Specialty Programs
Oswald Companies is proud to offer exclusive programs for our clients.
Intellectual Property Risk Preferred (IPRP) for mid-to-large size intellectual property firms, Collection Lawyers Insurance Program (CLIP) for consumer collection lawyers and Plaintiff Protect, a lawyers’ professional liability program available to U.S. law firms of any size practicing in the area of plaintiff litigations.

Property & Casualty Strategic Alliance 
Although we represent many national and global carriers, Oswald has entered into a strategic alliance with an A-rated insurance company that insures 90% of the 200 largest law firms. This alliance is uniquely patterned to fill the gaps frequently found in other law firm insurance programs.

Lawyers Professional Liability insurance

Our professional liability insurance for lawyers specialists are ready to assist your law firm with its insurance and risk management needs. The LPL team distinguishes itself from other insurance brokerage companies by partnering with law firms to provide comprehensive solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

We can assist your law firm with:

  • Coverage Placement: Working with over two dozen A-rated insurers, we ensure you are covered by the best insurance companies.
  • Coverage Analysis and Program Recommendations: Our team, led by an attorney who practiced at several premiere law firms, analyzes policy language, limits, deductibles, and insurers in order to advise clients on the optimal manner to structure their insurance programs. In addition, we tailor policy wording to match your unique needs.
  • Risk management programs and practice management
  • Claims analysis and coverage counseling

Our clients include over 400 law firms nationwide.  Highlights include:

  • Several firms of over 100 attorneys
  • Over 25 IP boutique law firms
  • Dozens of consumer collections law firms
  • Firms buying in excess of $40M per claim in insurable limits

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If you are a retail agent and would like more information on Lawyers Professional Liability for your law firm client visit Gemini Risk Partners.