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Oswald Individual Health Insurance

In Ohio 


Oswald for One is an easy way for individuals and families to shop for the most appropriate, compliant and cost effective health insurance options available.  Using Oswald for One’s flexible purchase options including on-line, telephonic and in-person choices, individuals and families can select health plans in both public and private exchanges.

Oswald for One’s national program allows individuals and families to work with a personal consultant to discover eligibility for governmental subsidies which may drastically decrease the cost of insurance.  Individuals who are currently or will soon be COBRA eligible may benefit from a broader landscape of insurance providers, plans and costs.

Discover the Power of One…

In Ohio, please call Nicki Miklos of our partner firm InsureOne Benefits at: 1-800-722-7331

Outside of Ohio

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Oswald’s new benefit marketplace, The Oswald Individual Health Exchange, providing access to an affordable turn-key solution to manage compliance needs, employee support, and the enrollment process.

We look forward to assisting your organization in creating a compliant, qualified HRA benefit plan with cost-savings and ease-of-administration.

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FOR MORE INFORMATION: call 855-290-9705, or email.