International Risk

Managing your global risk needs starts with a team that sees the big picture.

With global business comes new risks and opportunities, regardless of the size of your company. Oswald’s risk management expertise extends worldwide—and across functions—to address general business risk, employee benefits, expatriate and traveler coverage, mergers and acquisitions, and nearly any other business risk.

Oswald is a prominent member of the Assurex Global broker network. Assurex was founded in 1954 as a national network of large local and regional brokers, and over time expanded to become an international network. As the fourth largest global broker in the industry, Assurex is a leader in international risk management services and consulting.

Today, there are 500 Assurex broker partners with over 12,000 insurance professionals located in every major city in the world. This network allows strong local and regional organizations such as Oswald to have substantial global reach and access to unlimited on-the-ground resources in every corner of the world. Oswald sits on the Assurex board and participates fully in setting objectives and in overall governance.

Here’s how the Assurex networks benefits you:

  • Your Oswald consultant directs and oversees all services globally. Oswald is the single point of contact, regardless of your global locations.
  • Only the very best privately held independent brokerage firms are selected in each country. These are frequently the largest brokerage operations in the respective country, all of which are subject to a peer review every three years.  Failure to pass the review results in the partner being removed from the organization.
  • Our partner firms all abide by a consistent set of international operating guidelines, which provides consistent high levels of service regardless of where you do business. For example, all of our international partners are required to communicate in English.
  • Our partner firms around the world have typically grown organically rather than through acquisition. Many of our competitors have reached their current size through merging multiple companies.
  • As an independent firm, we are not limited to working only with Assurex Partners. We may choose whichever firm best meets a client’s needs. This is a freedom not enjoyed by the largest global firms who must always work with their owned branches, regardless of performance or expertise.
  • With personal relationships comes accountability; the individuals responsible for assisting in international placements meet formally several times a year. We know the people who will look after you around the world.
  • Knowledge of local markets and their economic and regulatory environment is essential in a successful international risk management program.
  • Our partners will provide you with priority treatment without inflated fees. Our partners around the world will not charge high minimum fees for your smaller locations. If the local premiums are low, those savings are passed on to you.

We also have very powerful tools at our disposal to facilitate easy communication with our clients and between our partners, including:

  • The Assurex Passport system. Passport is an online repository for our client’s policies globally. Many clients don’t know what types of insurance their local organizations have and must do a global inventory at the start of any global initiative. Policies and other information are loaded into Passport as each local inventory is completed and are accessible to the client locally and at headquarters, the local broker and Oswald. Each time there is a change or new information, it is added to Passport.
  • The AXCO system provides comprehensive, continually updated information for every country in the world regarding:
    • Political environment
    • Business environment
    • Insurance and risk environment
    • Local employment practices
    • Socialized benefits and employer-provided benefits

The Assurex network is a powerful asset for Oswald to deliver global services. Our clients can be sure that they are receiving the highest quality local support and advice, and that they are working globally with consultant/brokers just like Oswald—those who drive the market and can leverage attractive insurance premiums with their size, client base and expertise.

For assistance with international risk management, trust the experience and knowledge of Oswald. Contact us to learn more.

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