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The law firm practice at Oswald provides law firms nationwide comprehensive, bespoke insurance and risk management solutions. With specialties in Lawyers’ Professional Liability and Property & Casualty, our team can provide law firms with holistic solutions or focus on specific insurance needs.

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NY Bar Sets Confidentiality Policy For Laterals, Mergers New York lawyers got their first explicit guidance Saturday on protecting confidential client information while job hunting and in the course of merging firms, with the approval of new bar rule comments. Read more (Law360)

Clearly Enforceable Future Conflict Waivers  As practiced in every United States jurisdiction other than Texas, the “duty of undivided loyalty” means that unless the clients consent, individual lawyers and their firms cannot oppose any current firm client on any legal matter–even if the matters are entirely factually and legally unrelated. Read more (ABA/BNA Lawyers’ Manual on Professional Conduct™)

Wrestlemania 2015: Lawyers vs. Hackers Alarmed by their vulnerability to everything from sophisticated hacking to the hapless attorney who attaches the wrong spreadsheet to an email, law firms are turning to new must-have coverage: cyber insurance.  In the past few years, the biggest firms have purchased policies to cover the costs of a data breach: notifying clients or employees, conducting a forensic investigation and, if necessary, writing checks to plaintiffs or regulators. Read more (Crain’s Chicago Business)

Cyber Security

Cyber Security continues to take center stage in the legal space, with no shortage of news articles and commentary specific to the topic. Below we’ve amassed several recent and noteworthy resources that we feel can be useful to you in navigating the risks to you and your firm. Call us anytime to discuss questions and concerns specific to your firm.

Safe and Secure: Cyber Security Practices for Law Firms Due to the unprecedented number of data breaches at major corporations, 2014 was called “The Year of the Data Breach.” Based upon recent news reports, one might believe that such breaches are confined to the healthcare and financial sectors… Read more (CNA Professional Counsel)

Cybersecurity becoming a pervasive part of legal culture, IU Maurer School of Law study finds Cybersecurity is becoming an increasing part of the legal field, according to a new report published today by the Indiana University Maurer School of Law. The report, prepared by the Hanover Research Corp., focuses on the role of corporate legal departments in addressing cybersecurity challenges… Read more (Indiana University Bloomington)

Law firms face cybersecurity audits by banking clients; are they a ‘weak link’? Banks are increasingly scrutinizing their law firms’ cybersecurity efforts, including the law firms’ protection of confidential information released to vendors such as word-processing firms and print shops…Read more (ABA Journal)

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Intra Law Firm Privilege Between a Law Firm Counsel and Other Firm Lawyers
Procedures and Protocols when Examining Caselaw

This 30-minute presentation addressed the growing trend among state courts of recognizing the existence of privileged communications between a law firm and its general counsel, even when the party asking for documents is a client of the firm. The presenters discussed what, if any, intra-firm procedures and protocols matter, as well as if the title of the person in the position is important or not.

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