Lawyers Professional Liability: Discussion on Intra-Firm Law Privilege [WEBINAR]

Join Theo Nittis, VP & Risk Management Council and David Kramer, SVP & Lawyers’ Professional Liability Practice Leader for a 30-minute webinar to address the growing trend among state courts of recognizing the existence of privileged communications between a law firm and its general counsel, even when the party asking for documents is a client of the firm.

They will discuss what if any intra-firm procedures and protocols matter, as well as if the title of the person in the position is important or not.

In addition to examining the developing caselaw in this area, they will also touch on the law firm general counsel role itself:

  • What the law firm general counsel’s responsibilities should be
  • What is required of the firm and its management committee for the role to work as planned
  • What are the personal and professional traits of the ideal law firm general counsel candidate

The free webinar will take place Tues., Oct. 21, 2014 at 10 am.

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The webinar is part of ‘Focus on Risk’ a monthly email series presented by the Oswald Risk Management team, features news, information and webinars in key specialty areas.

The focus for October is Lawyers’ Professional Liability.  This practice at Oswald partners with hundreds of law firms nationwide to provide comprehensive, tailored insurance and risk management solutions. Our dedicated team of legal experts, which includes former practicing attorneys, assists our law firm clients with:

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  • Risk Management
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