Cyber Security Risks for Medical Device Manufacturers: Expert Panel Discussion [VIDEO]

Michael Cremeans, Life Sciences Practice leader at Oswald, hosted a panel discussion to talk about cyber security risks for medical device manufacturers, as well as the preparation for possible FDA regulations and the changing landscape.

In the discussion, the presenters addressed several questions surrounding cyber security specific to the medical device industry. They covered what manufacturers need to know about the existing regulatory and legal framework to address “cyber” liability issues and the developing liability drivers for the industry. They also discussed how to perform a risk assessment.

Moderated by Cremeans, the panel included:

– P.J. Cosgrove, Partner at Ulmer Berne, LLP
– Gregory Stein, Associate at Ulmer Berne, LLP
– Anthony Catalano, Senior II Advisory Consultant at Secure State

You can watch the full recorded session HERE.

Cremeans also conducted post-session interviews with panelists for a more detailed look at key questions. Watch their responses in the video segments below.

P.J. Cosgrove | Question: You’ve defended some major medical device product liability cases over the past several years. From your perspective, what advice would you give medical device manufacturers as they prepare for potential cyber liability regulations?

Greg Stein | Question: You are in a unique position to advise your clients not only on the basic question “what is cyber liability”, but to also help them prepare for what they should do in the event of a cyber-attack. Give our audience a few things action steps to consider if they become a victim of cyber-crime.

Anthony Catalano | Question: Your company has been advising clients for some time now about potential cyber threats to medical devices, particularly as it relates to hospital IT system integration. Where should companies focus their efforts in today’s marketplace?

If you have additional questions about the meeting, please contact Michael Cremeans.