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Do Contractors Need Professional Liability Insurance?

With the evolution from the design-bid-build approach to construction to more collaborative delivery models (integrated project delivery, design-build, delegated design, design-assist), all or portions of the risk for negligent act, errors or omissions in design have shifted to the construction manager and its subcontractors. General liability policies carried by contractors…

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Give Your Employee Benefits Renewal the Time You and Your Employees Deserve

Like taxes and Michigan road construction, your employee benefits renewal is inevitable and may often be unaddressed until what feels like the last minute. This is rarely going to lead to the best possible outcome (just like all those annoying asphalt road patches aren’t the best response to the jarring…

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Why Implementing the Wrong Technology Can Increase Your Vulnerability for Cyber Attacks

Tracking devices seem like a great way to manage fleet operations or even save money on auto insurance. After all, they’re commonly used to track the location of our cell phones, family, friends, and our personal vehicles. However, choosing the safest technology is critical to avoid costly cyber attacks. Among…

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Employers: Plan Now for Health Care Inflation to Affect Your 2023 Budget

It only takes a trip to the gas pump (or the grocery store) to remind us how inflation is affecting our daily lives. The latest consumer price numbers from the U.S. government show us that last month inflation rose 8.6 percent from a year ago, the highest increase since December…

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Executive Benefit and Life Insurance Solutions: Recruit, Retain & Reward Your Key Leaders


Executive leaders today face unique challenges when it comes to saving for retirement. The amount they can put aside through their employer’s qualified plan is often far from what they need. Furthermore, if participation by rank and file employees in an existing plan is not high enough, or the plan…

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Surety Bonds for the Legal Profession

Mark Rader

On occasion, the client of an attorney will need a surety bond, which is placed by surety brokers. We refer to these as Court, Fiduciary and Probate Bonds, which are required by various courts in our judicial system.  These bonds are used to protect either property or money. So, let’s take a…

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Organizational Culture in 2022 and Beyond: A Time for Reassessment

No one needs to be reminded that the last two plus years have brought about lasting changes—invited or not—to just about every facet of life. Arguably, the workplace has borne the greatest brunt of the pandemic’s impact. Mix in considerable social unrest, and the result is an organizational environment in…

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Cyber Risk: Preparing Your Organization Against the Growing Number of Insider Threats

The computer emergency response team (CERT) defines ‘Insider Threats‘ as: The potential for an individual who has or had authorized access to an organization’s assets to use their access, either maliciously or unintentionally, to act in a way that could negatively affect the organization. Insider threats can come in many…

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Open Enrollment: Preparing Your Employees To Make Informed Decisions

Brian Stovsky

Making the right enrollment decision is important – and employees only have one chance per year. What is Open Enrollment? Once a year – during open enrollment, employees can sign on to health insurance, make changes to their health insurance or stop their health insurance plan. The only other time…

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Five Sources of Risk to Consider For Your Next Construction Project

Supply chain limitations, cost management uncertainty and ever-changing interest rates face the construction industry every day. Those in the industry, from financiers, risk managers to project owners, must anticipate what may lie ahead. They also need to consider new strategies to mitigate risks tomorrow or in the future.

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