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M&A Strategy Considerations for Senior Healthcare Providers

Jake Pease

As a follow up to our last article, Changes Role through Senior Housing Market, we introduce the topic of “Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy.” As the senior care industry continues to evolve, many owner/operators are looking to grow market share or exit. The challenging environment has led to an unprecedented number of…

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The Eye of the Storm: Hurricane Aftermath Lingers for Commercial Properties

John Mark Tichar

The 2017 hurricane season was like no other in history. Many faced devastation unseen in recent history. For commercial property owners, having professional risk advisors and the right insurance coverages offered better recovery experiences and quicker relief, even as impacts linger. According to National Geographic, 2017 was the most expensive…

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The Challenges of Vacant Property

Susan Tobbe

Everyone Knows What That Is (Or Do They?) When the U.S. economy tanked in 2007, everyone with more than a piggy bank and a bicycle was affected. Notable among the casualties, the commercial real estate market was significantly impacted. Demand for office space plummeted as employers were forced to shed…

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2018 Manufacturing Survey Results Balance Optimism and Concern

Josh Fragoso

This year, Oswald Companies proudly partnered with The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network (MAGNET) to offer manufacturers the opportunity to participate in a 40-question survey about their businesses and the manufacturing industry. Providing an overall look at the Region’s second largest employer segment, the results benchmark growth, identify areas of concern…

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Why a Buy-Sell Agreement is Your Best Business Partner


We’re In This Together Forever, Right? Despite the odds of something going amiss, many of us enter into business relationships much as we enter our personal ones—full of optimism and blinded by a shared affinity. We’re partners for life, so what could possibly divide us? At this point it’s hard…

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Cyber Risk Concern Grows Among Manufacturers


The evolution of manufacturing processes has increased efficiencies and improved quality output. At the same time, advancing technologies opens the door for growing cyber risk for manufacturers. The result can be catastrophic, impacting operations, revenue and reputation. Good Reason to Worry The growing sense of concern about cyber security in…

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Take Note: The Top 7 Trends & Developments in Construction and Design

Dale Kaprosy

Thought leaders in the surety, insurance and legal professions heard from experts and engaged with each other at the 2018 AGC Surety Bonding and Risk Management Conference, Jan. 28-31, 2018. Oswald’s Design and Construction team joined Risk Managers, Chief Financial Officers and General Counsels from the largest contracting firms, Chief…

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Understanding Your Manufacturer’s Professional Liability Coverage

Lisa Altekruse

Will your current insurance program provide coverage if your customer sues you for their financial losses due to an error in your manufacturing process/services? You might be thinking this would be covered under your General Liability policy, but in reality, it’s most likely not. This scenario would be covered by…

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Five Ways to Prepare for Safe Winter Driving

Kathleen Henderson

Have you heard these terms lately in the news: “bomb cyclone,” “winter hurricane” and – an oldie but goodie – “polar vortex.” Well it’s back – winter, cold, ice and snow. These are some of the most dangerous driving conditions of every year. Are you and your employees prepared for…

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Understanding Your Employment Practices Liability Coverage to Decrease Risk in the Workplace

Mary Fessler

Employment practice lawsuits can prove to be damaging financially and to a business’s reputation, no matter the size. According to the EEOC, there have been a record number of filings in 2017 and the average cost of employment practice claims has increased dramatically over the past ten years, with claims…

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