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Under Pressure to Change: How Health Care Benefits Can Deliver In Employee Recruiting and Retention

William Grebenc

With a tight labor market and fierce competition for top-end talent, employers are under pressure to develop benefits packages that are both a recruiting asset and an avenue for improving the health and wellness of employees. A recent Wall Street Journal article examined the steps employers are taking to advance…

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Managing Intermittent FMLA Leave: When Relying on the Honor System Isn’t Enough

Christina Schneider

Since it was signed into law in 1993, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) has been an on-going challenge for HR professionals.  Simply put, it was designed to prevent employees from losing their jobs when forced to take time off due to their own serious health condition or that…

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Michael Clark Recognized as 2019 Rising Star in Advising by Employee Benefit Adviser

CLEVELAND – Jan. 24, 2019 – Michael Clark, Oswald Sales Executive, Employee Benefits, has been named to the 2019 Rising Stars in Advising class by Employee Benefit Adviser. According to the award release, the 2019 class of Rising Stars in Advising was selected by the Employee Benefit Adviser editorial team…

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Group Buying Programs and Regulatory Changes Expand Healthcare Options for Small and Mid-Size Businesses

Al Rubosky

It is no secret that sole proprietors and middle market employers have faced challenges when purchasing healthcare insurance for themselves and their employees. Sole proprietors find the rising costs of purchasing on the individual market a hindrance to securing the best coverage. Small employers are often limited in their selections…

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[VIDEO] osWell Health Clip Ep. 4: Is Coffee Good For You?

Aaron Witwer

osWell Health Clip is a feature presented by osWell Health Management For this article I have to talk about coffee. News from earlier this year has people on edge about a cancer causing agent in coffee, so it seemed like a good time to shed some comforting light on this delicious…

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[VIDEO] osWell Health Clip Ep. 3: Exercise is NOT the Key to Weight Loss

Aaron Witwer

  osWell Health Clip is a feature presented by osWell Health Management Even though Physical activity is NOT the key to weight loss, it’s still awesome. You can do it if you’re older, younger, skinny, short, extra tall, overweight, one-legged, 6-fingered, if you live in the cold or in a tree…

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Put Away the Sledgehammer: Use Data to Change Behaviors and Control Cost

Kyle Anthony

Passing along medical plan costs to employees is nothing new. In fact, this traditional approach has been used for decades as employers scramble to find ways to afford the escalating costs of group benefit plans. Unfortunately, the status quo has many negative, albeit unintended, consequences. Passing along additional costs or…

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Laws of Attraction Prevail: Taking Control of the Healthcare Renewal Process

Ron Boynar

When selling a house, most of us don’t invite buyers over with dirty laundry on the floor and a sink full of dirty dishes. We know that “showing” a house when it’s at its “worst,” can make it more difficult to sell and probably cost us money in the long run.…

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Is It Time You Reconsidered Your Pharmacy Benefit Manager?

Marc Lasceski

As open enrollment time approaches each year, companies have to look at every aspect of their benefits package in order to manage rising costs while still offering their employees attractive options. One part of the package that’s getting more and more attention is Pharmacy cost and the role of the…

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Steve Hopp Joins Oswald’s Employee Benefits Team


CLEVELAND – May 9, 2018 – Oswald Companies has announced the addition of Steve Hopp to the Cleveland employee benefits team. In his role as Senior Sales Executive, Hopp partners with organizations to develop and implement innovative and sustainable total rewards solutions encompassing employee benefits, private equity and independent schools. “Steve…

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