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On-Demand Webinar: Workplace Violence and Active Assailant Risks


WATCH FULL WEBCAST In partnership with McDonald Hopkins, The Orsus Group, and Cello HR, we hosted a panel discussion and live Q&A webcast on June 23, 2020. Watch a recording of our recent webinar, as we discussed what you can do to protect and prepare yourself, your employees and your business…

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Oswald Women’s Leadership Council: 9 Lessons in Virtual Leadership

Michelle Mindell

In my experiences as a female leader, we spend a good portion of our careers trying to attain our desired status and position, while also creating and fostering our leadership style for an open, in-person and community-based work environment. Given that this pandemic has shifted more of us to virtual…

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Risk Advisory: Understanding Active Shooter Coverage

Alyssa Heter

The U.S. government agencies define an active assailant as, “an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area.” In an Active Assailant event, businesses are at risk of loss financially and from a human capital perspective. Consider these questions when purchasing this…

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Michigan Auto Insurance Law Change: How Does it Affect Commercial Coverage?

Susan Tobbe

If you live in Michigan, chances are very good that you’ve heard about the new auto insurance law taking effect on July 2, 2020. Chances are also good that you’re not entirely sure what the changed law means to you if you’re the holder of a commercial auto policy. A…

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Why Consider an Excess Liability Policy

At what dollar amount would you be comfortable liquidating tangible assets to comply with a legal judgement in the event you are sued? This may be a difficult question to answer. Within our litigious society, peace of mind can be hard to find. The potential for involvement in a third-party…

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Risk Advisory: OSHA COVID-19 Enforcement Response Plan

Adam Thomas

Visit and bookmark the Oswald COVID-19 Resource Center. On May 19, OSHA issued an update to their Coronavirus Enforcement Response Plan. The updated plan generally returns to a pre-COVID-19 inspection policy while making COVID-19 related cases a priority. The updated plan provides guidance for OSHA compliance safety and health officers…

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Putting Risk in Its Place with Long-Term Disability Coverage

If you had to rank in order of importance the top three group welfare benefits an employer could offer an employee, what would they be? Perhaps number one would be Medical, number two would be Dental, and number three would be Vision. Would Long-Term Disability (LTD) rank in your top…

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Hurricane Season: The Time is Now to Review Your Plan

Mary Marley

Actions and planning during the off-season impact how well you are ready to weather another hurricane season. In recent years, the U.S. mainland experienced more hurricane activity than in the recent past. If you felt prepared, that’s great – keep it up! If you didn’t feel prepared, now is the…

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Risk Advisory: OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements for COVID-19 Cases

Adam Thomas

Visit and bookmark the Oswald COVID-19 Resource Center. OSHA recently relaxed their COVID-19 recordkeeping requirements for employers that are not engaged in health care, emergency response (emergency medical, firefighting, law enforcement) and correctional institution operations. The intent of the amendment to their original position is to help employers focus their…

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Cyber Security Tips For Video Conferencing: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Risk Advisory [VIEW INFOGRAPHIC]

Lacy Rex

Visit and bookmark the Oswald COVID-19 Resource Center. During these unprecedented times, companies are working to stay connected with their clients and employees. In my earlier post I walked through cybersecurity guidance for remote workers. Companies are turning to video conferencing to comply with social distancing to support ordinary business…

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