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Construction Attracting Cybercrime: Protecting Your Risk and Mitigating Damage

Zachary Zenger

Criminals prefer easy targets. Therefore, it stands to reason that industries slow to implement proper cyber security measures are among the easiest targets for cyber criminals to infiltrate. Construction has lagged behind other industries in its adaptation of technology solutions and as a result, is a favorite cyberattack target. Two…

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Take Note: The Top 7 Trends & Developments in Construction and Design

Dale Kaprosy

Thought leaders in the surety, insurance and legal professions heard from experts and engaged with each other at the 2018 AGC Surety Bonding and Risk Management Conference, Jan. 28-31, 2018. Oswald’s Design and Construction team joined Risk Managers, Chief Financial Officers and General Counsels from the largest contracting firms, Chief…

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