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Business Continuity and Pandemic Planning: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Risk Advisory

Visit and bookmark the Oswald COVID-19 Resource Center. In planning and responding to a pandemic situation like COVID-19, business face critical questions: How do we protect our employees? Are we comfortable and confident with our incident response plan, communications, employee policies, etc.? Has this experience driven the need to update…

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What Can Be Expected During a Pandemic: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Risk Advisory

Jim Hedrick

Visit and bookmark the Oswald COVID-19 Resource Center. Key Takeaways Pandemics have occurred throughout history. While each is unique, they have possessed certain common threads that help better predict future events. Pandemic planning is an extension of business continuity planning, including multiple stages and layers within response plan areas, and…

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Cyber Crime in 2020 and How to Protect Your Organization: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Risk Advisory

Lacy Rex

Visit and bookmark the Oswald COVID-19 Resource Center. With heightened tensions overseas, pandemic worries, and new vulnerabilities being exploited, cybercrime has permeated every aspect of our lives. By committing to cybersecurity as a priority at the beginning of the year, organizations can focus on being more vigilant and better prepared…

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Risk Alert: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Responding Today and Preparing for Tomorrow

Visit and bookmark the Oswald COVID-19 Resource Center. The Coronavirus has become a topic of conversation in board rooms and at the dinner table. The situation which was originally viewed as an isolated illness on the other side of the world has evolved into an event that is impacting U.S.…

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A Helping Hand to Navigate the Landscape of Health Care

Al Rubosky

Health care happens to all of us and navigating the landscape can be confusing. Whether it’s an unplanned illness, emergency, planned procedure or test, health insurance plan members face access and care decisions at multiple entry points. A member’s health care journey might start with a primary care doctor, emergency…

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Emergency Preparedness For You and Your Family (COVID-19) Risk Advisory


Visit and bookmark the Oswald COVID-19 Resource Center. Emergencies and disasters can happen at any time. Consider these real situations: On August 14, 2003, a widespread power outage hit the Northeast and Midwest States of America. In some areas, power was out for weeks. In January 2018, 22 deaths occurred…

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Community at the Core: Growth Through Giving with Oswald Companies


Most of us talk about work and life as if they’re separate things we’re trying to balance on a scale. We find ourselves tipping one way and then the other in search of perfect equilibrium. But what if we tossed out the scale? Maybe work and life don’t have to…

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Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance: Why it Matters to Your Business

Allison Groneck

Have you ever had an employee travel in their own car to pick up supplies for the office? Has a team member picked up lunch for a business luncheon? What about visiting a client at an off-site location? These types of activities are common within any business. If your business…

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Insurance Careers: Pursuing Your Passion, Reality or Myth?

Dale Kaprosy

At some point in our lives we have all heard the saying, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” The person uttering those words has likely already achieved some form of financial or personal freedom and is at a different stage of their life…

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How an Umbrella Policy can Provide Peace of Mind for Your Organization

Maggie Rettig

If you consider risk exposures for a company, liability is typically always at the top of the list. Finished products, services provided, vehicles on the road, are all exposures that can trigger a liability claim. Underlying policies provide foundational coverage, but this may not be enough in the event of…

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