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COVID-19 Vaccine: Preparing Your Workforce


The next phase of COVID-19 includes the introduction of the vaccine. In addition to the protocols employers introduced to ensure safety among employees, it is time to address how your company will establish a policy regarding the vaccine and the potential vaccination of your workforce. Oswald Companies and Oswald Labs continue to…

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Flag on the Play: The Call For Discipline and Experience in Your Benefits Partnerships

Every football season, I, like many others, contemplate what makes a good team. We listen to predictions from professionals and statements from the players themselves. We look to past performance and the state of the current play. And we decide what matters to us. (With fantasy sports, we can even…

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Winter Driving Risks: Ten Tips for Safer Winter Travel

Adam Thomas

The snow and ice that blankets nearly 70% of the nation’s roadways during the winter months each year presents drivers with challenges that can result in vehicle crashes if they are not prepared. The winter weather crash statistics provided by the Federal Highway Administration indicate that over 1,300 people are…

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Personal Risk Advisory: When is the Right Time to Conduct a Risk Review?

When you purchased your first car or home, perhaps you purchased coverage from a local ‘mass market’ insurance agent. As time goes on and your career, personal and professional responsibilities expanded, it’s possible the insurance carrier you started with may no longer be sophisticated enough to provide the coverage and/or…

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Fostering Inclusivity in Communication: The Hidden Reality of Code-Switching

Zoe Brown

What started as a fishbowl conversation between two Oswald executives became a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative to bring the organization closer together amid uncertainty brought on by the pandemic and social unrest. Common Ground is a small group intervention involving a series of conversations designed to equip Oswald Employee-Owners…

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Cybersecurity Insurance: What Happens if You Fall Victim to a Breach?

Lisa Pape

With all the pandemic has brought with it, the climate has never been more ideal for the cyber criminal. Most of us are working from home via the internet. We’re also buying more—even household essentials—online. During the holiday season, online purchases will likely push virtual sales to new limits, making…

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Navigating Construction Site Visits During COVID-19

As concerns mount over the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19, design professionals should be giving consideration on how to provide contract administration services virtually. While many firms are working remotely, most construction sites are active, and you should be prepared to conduct site observations and payment certification duties…

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Four Ways to Improve and Promote Corporate Wellness During a Pandemic

Brianna Bradford

Without question, this curve ball called COVID-19 has added unanticipated expectations and responsibilities to us all. During such an unusually challenging time, something like corporate health and wellness might feel like too much to take on, yet dare I say it – it is when it matters the most. Even…

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The Importance of Products Pollution Liability Coverage for Businesses

Maggie Rettig

What is a Products Pollution Liability Insurance policy? Products pollution liability insurance helps to protect businesses from unexpected pollution exposures that may not be covered by standard property and casualty policies. This coverage has become an insurance coverage gap for many different industries. The basic 2001 ISO CGL policy provides…

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Building Healthier Communities: SparkColumbus Fit City Challenge 2020 Recap

Alison Crowe and Tessa Pekarcik

The SparkCities initiative took off in its first year in Columbus as Oswald Companies’ participated in the 2020 SparkColumbus Fit City Challenge. Out of the six participating cities, Columbus had the most companies register with a total of 112 companies and nearly 1,000 employees. Our clients were thrilled to see…

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