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Real Estate Risk Management Evolves with Developers

John Mark Tichar

Real estate developers are a unique breed. It takes a special Developer to identify successful development or acquisition opportunities, conduct due diligence, arrange financing, raise capital from investors, work with local government, design, build, lease, and successfully manage a project. Deals are complex, with an overwhelming amount of daily decisions…

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Maximizing the Potential of Your Human Capital


Is your company up to the challenge of attracting and retaining the top performers needed to drive your business? Recruiting and retention has taken on a “Game of Thrones” approach where the competition is fierce to land the right candidate. And despite what most pundits say about millennials – Forbes…

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What Michigan’s New Paid Medical Leave Act Means for Employers

Marc Lasceski

Since Michigan’s new Paid Medical Leave Act went into effect on March 29, 2019, most employers with at least 50 employees are now required to provide up to 40 hours of paid time off for eligible employees each year. Which Employers and Employees are Exempt from the New Law? Certain employers…

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[VIDEO] Risk Update: Trends in Health Care and Aging Services

Jake Pease

This risk update is a feature presented by Oswald’s Aging Services Specialty Practice.

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Fire Doors: Critical protections – but some maintenance required

Keith Furnas

Fire doors can provide critical protections in the event of a fire by limiting the spread of fire, smoke and heat between compartments of a building or structure. Fire doors are rated based on the ability to withstand combustion for a pre-determined amount of time. The term “fire door” also…

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Globally Mobile Workforces: Addressing Your Risks, Expanding Your Opportunities

Michael Farago and Michael Casey

Global mobility has increased in the past 10 years, according to a study by the National Foreign Trade Council. The same study reports that the number of longer-term (six months or more) expatriated employees has decreased and shorter-term assignments of less than six months continue to benefit companies through the…

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The Risks and Challenges of Silent Cyber Coverage

Lacy Rex

Many clients are reluctant to purchase a cyber risk policy out of fear that it is illusory coverage. Illusory coverage is when the literal language or structure of an insurance policy gives the policyholder the impression of coverage but effectively negates any meaningful coverage. Because of this, cyber insurance has…

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When April Showers Bring More Than May Flowers

Sue Penn

As you sit watching the evening news at almost any time of the year, there are bound to be stories about rising waters engulfing a road, a home, and maybe even an entire neighborhood. As you watch in horror, do you wonder if your current homeowner’s, condominium or renter’s insurance…

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Oswald Women’s Leadership Council: The Power of Belonging

Zoe Brown

In February, Oswald’s Abby Lewis, Talent Acquisition Manager, and I attended the 2019 Cleveland Internship Summit hosted by the Greater Cleveland Partnership with the intent of gathering information and resources to build Oswald’s internship program further. Camila Negret of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) moved me with her talk Expanding Diversity to True…

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Under Pressure to Change: How Health Care Benefits Can Deliver In Employee Recruiting and Retention

William Grebenc

With a tight labor market and fierce competition for top-end talent, employers are under pressure to develop benefits packages that are both a recruiting asset and an avenue for improving the health and wellness of employees. A recent Wall Street Journal article examined the steps employers are taking to advance…

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