An Early Delivery for The Akron Children’s Expansion; LIPD [CASE STUDY UPDATE]

oswaldcompanies April 12, 2016

The Oswald Design and Construction Practice has released an updated case study on its breakthrough risk and insurance program for “Building on the Promise,” Akron Children’s Hospital largest expansion in history.

The hospital broke ground on the project’s first phase in the spring of 2013, calling on the Lean Integrated Project Delivery (LIPD) method for the planning, development and execution in all aspects of the initiative. It was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. The project’s unique approach continues to serve as a model and a case study for organizations throughout the country.

Download the case study update to view the results, as well as the original 2014 case study overview, containing details on this distinctive project and risk management program:


To learn more about “Building on the Promise,” visit

Oswald extends a special thanks to Akron Children’s Hospital for the opportunity to showcase this project.

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