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Empowerment Through Awareness: Self-Defense Tips from The Women’s Leadership Spring Seminar

Jackie Koshar June 22, 2017

We have all experienced that uneasy feeling; that feeling when we worked late or had an event and then needed to walk back to our car alone. At Oswald, we are committed to not only protecting our clients from risk, but empowering each other.

At our Spring 2017 Women’s Leadership Event, Staying Safe with Self-Defense, we received important tips and reminders to help be ready for these situations:

  • Stay alert and be prepared. Avoid distractions like your cell phone and focus instead on your surroundings. Have your keys in hand as you approach your vehicle.
  • Know your defense mechanisms. Pepper spray can be a great option, but it does expire and therefore needs to be replaced. Also, it is important to try it out before an emergency, as some pepper sprays are not as easy to use as some may think.
  • Utilize available security resources. In downtown Cleveland, we have the Cleveland Police Department and Downtown Cleveland Alliance patrolling. If you need an escort to your car, call 216-621-6000 and a Downtown Cleveland Alliance Safety Ambassador will ensure a safe trip to your vehicle.
  • Take advantage of self-defense workshops. Many local community centers offer free or low cost workshops to teach basic techniques. The Cleveland Police Department also offers workshops.
  • Work together. If you need to stay at work late, plan to leave with a co-worker as there really is safety in numbers.

Thank you to our presenters from Cleveland Police Department, Downtown Cleveland Alliance, Domestic Violence Project, our self-defense trainers, and the rest of our event committee.

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Accounting Manager & Women’s Leadership Event Committee Member, Oswald Companies

Jackie S. Koshar, CPA is the Accounting Manager at Oswald Companies. With over 10 years’ experience, she is responsible for ensuring effective and efficient controls and processes for the Accounting department’s daily operations. She is actively involved in providing leadership and development for the Accounting team.

The Oswald Women’s Leadership Council, developed in 2013 to inspire females at all levels to empower, develop and advance, has focused its 2017 education efforts around Empowerment, including Women’s Leadership 2017: 10 Paths Toward Empowerment in Your Work and Life, Career Sponsorship: Empowering Others and Paying it Forward, and Fear not Ladies, Take That Risk, Read earlier articles from the Council on its web page.

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