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Facility Shutdown Considerations: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Risk Advisory

March 20, 2020

Visit and bookmark the Oswald COVID-19 Resource Center.

In the event a facility needs to be shutdown for any reason, it should be a well thought-out and planned effort.

The following shutdown considerations have been provided to assist your efforts:

  • Review operations utilizing hazardous materials – flammables, unstable chemicals, pressurized materials. Try to remove, purge, cap or otherwise secure these operations
  • Ensure all fire equipment is in service – valves open, systems in automatic
  • Ensure adequate building heat so fire protection and other liquid systems cannot freeze
  • Review and update Emergency Response Plans
  • Review materials that can spoil (coolants if not circulated, foods, time sensitive materials)
  • Secure the premises: exterior doors and gates, review exterior and interior security lighting, review and revise access control
  • Secure valuable materials (both monetary, confidential, and intellectual property)
  • Update alarm call lists, check CCTV coverage and remote access, consider adding or increasing security patrols

Should you have any questions or needs relative to planning for the potential impact of COVID-19, please contact us direct or learn more from our Resource Center.

Jim Hedrick
Director Risk Management & Client Experience


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