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[On-Demand Webinar] Active Assailant Coverage: Property & Casualty Protection and Planning Needed Now More Than Ever

oswaldcompanies April 29, 2021


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Gun violence in the United States is increasing at an alarming pace. Mass shootings in Texas, Indiana, South Carolina, Maryland, Georgia and Colorado have all made national headlines in just the past few weeks.

Active shooter incidents have not only a profound effect on those involved but can have significant consequences for the businesses in which they occur including: bereavement for employees and families; medical expenses, counseling and support for survivors, litigation and settlements alleging negligent security, business income loss due to long periods of closure, employee attrition and recruitment costs, and restoration and renovation.

Watch here for a discussion that delves into statistics and uncovers strategies relevant to your business, featuring an emphasis on risk transfer and mitigation from the insurance and risk management perspective.

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Insurance Programs for Active Assailant and Workplace Violence

The threat of an active shooter event has become an unfortunate fear and reality that should be addressed by organizations. Click here to access Oswald’s risk hub.

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