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Ohio’s Public Health Advisory System and Pandemic Waves Planning

July 13, 2020

The Ohio Public Health Advisory System was released by the state of Ohio on July 2.

The issuance of this system is not only a great tool for local governments, but also for Ohio employers. Mandated public precautions are based on local conditions versus a one size fits all approach. Alert levels and associated actions are determined by the number of risk indicators present in each county.

Ohio Public Health Advisory System County Alert Level

(Graphic Source: Ohio Department of Health)

This system provides a great foundation for the development of company specific COVID-19 Pandemic Plans. Companies can use the objective alert levels to develop short-term business priorities, levels of health precautions and operational modifications needed at their respective location(s). During higher alert levels, the focus can be placed on the most time sensitive/criterial operations while other operations can potentially be postponed or performed remotely. Aligning company actions and strategies with objective State of Ohio defined alert levels provides an organization the opportunity look ahead and plan for the remainder of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

How to Leverage this System for Your Business

Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Oswald has been encouraging clients to plan by each stage within pandemic wave. The challenge with this approach has been the difficulty of objectively defining each stage based on local conditions. Fortunately, the State of Ohio has solved this challenge for companies.

The Health Alert Levels provide the objective criteria to determine when to move from one action level to the next. The sample planning tool below provides a format that be utilized to help companies plan for act locally for the remainder of the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Inside a Pandemic Wave

Breaking each pandemic “wave” into stages provides the ability to plan for periods of escalating and deescalating risk. Understanding the conditions that will likely be present during each stage within a “wave” provides the opportunity to create plans minimize the threat to employees and impact to the business.

Should you have any questions or need relative to planning for impacts of COVID-19, please contact me directly or learn more on our COVID-19 Resource Center.

Jim Hedrick
Director Risk Management & Client Experience


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