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Risk Updates: OSHA Cracking Down on 300A Submissions

oswaldcompanies October 30, 2018
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OSHA has launched a program to specifically target companies that did not submit their 2016 OSHA 300A information.

If you didn’t electronically submit your 2017 OSHA 300A information, submit it today!

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is initiating the Site-Specific Targeting 2016 (SST-16) Program using injury and illness information electronically submitted by employers for calendar year (CY) 2016.

The program will target high injury rate establishments in both the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors for inspection. Under this program, the agency will perform inspections of employers the agency believes should have provided 300A data, but did not for the CY 2016 injury and illness data collection.

For CY 2016, OSHA required employers to electronically submit Form 300A data by Dec. 15, 2017. The CY 2017 deadline was July 1, 2018; however, employers may still provide this information to the database.”

Electronic submission of OSHA 300A

2018 was the 2nd year some companies were required to electronically submit their OSHA 300A information. (Even if there are no injuries to report.)

  1. Get your 2017 OSHA 300A that you posted from Feb. 1 – April 30, 2018 and look at it.
  2. Look at the number of employees listed. 19 or fewer and you don’t have to do anything this year.
  3. If you see the number 20-249 you might have to submit.**
  4. If you see the number 250 or more you have to submit.**
  5. Look at your NAICS # and see if it’s on OSHA’s certain industries list.
  6. If your NAICS # is not there, you don’t have to do anything this year.
  7. If your NAICS # is listed, the deadline to electronically submit your 2017 OSHA 300A information was July 1, 2018, but should be submitted as soon as possible.
  8. Employers can continue to electronically report their Calendar Year (CY) 2017 Form 300A data to OSHA, but submissions after July 1, 2018 will be flagged as “Late”.

**Establishments on this list DO NOT have to send their information to OSHA.

Beginning in 2019 and every year thereafter, covered establishments must submit their OSHA 300A information by March 2.

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