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Three Key Actions Toward a Better Work-Life Balance: Women’s Leadership 2017

Cindy Bowman September 13, 2017

As my career progressed, I found myself struggling to have a successful work-life balance. If I spent too much time focusing on my job, family and friends would be left behind. How can one have both?


Through research and personal discovery, I found three keywords and actions that help me strike a balance:



    1. SELF-CONTROL: Travis Bradberry shares that self-control is a ‘’Skill that unleashes massive productivity by keeping you focused and on track” (Bradberry, 2016). This skill is sought by many and mastered by few. Those successful at self-control focus on solutions. Developing this skill means taking care of yourself and understanding what you can and cannot control. By giving up what you cannot control, it is easier to say no to things that do not support your goals (Bradberry, 2016).


    1. BALANCE: Jessica Romano states in her article on Crain’s Cleveland Business that “Balance is something everyone has to work at” (Romano, 2016). She reminds us to set boundaries, unplug from technology and take time away. Being able to connect with friends, and not just coworkers, allows you to feel back to life (Romano, 2016).


    1. CONTENTMENT: Overall, taking care of yourself, understanding what you can and cannot control, being fully focused and creating balance in all aspects of your life will lead to contentment. Through this, you will be successful in your career and have a life that allows you to have time with both family and friends. (Cvijetic, 2016).





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Senior Client Executive & Women’s Leadership Council Member


Cindy Bowman is a Senior Client Executive with Oswald Companies. She works in the area of Business Development and Client Management in the Group Benefits Department. Her current responsibilities include new business development and the service and retention of existing clients. She  provides innovative employee benefit solutions to local, national, and international employers. Connect with Cindy on LinkedIn.




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