[Video] Bring High Value and Low-Cost Options to Attract and Retain Top Talent

oswaldcompanies August 26, 2022

Al Rubosky, benefits advisor, at Oswald Companies, speaks on how Group Captives may be a solution for many companies.



A Case Study: OswaldLean & Captive Solutions

Saves 36 percent in Health Insurance

OswaldLean + Captive Solutions changed the game for this organization, creating sustainability and allowing them to attract and retain employees.

About the organization: 

  • Historically fully insured, tired of the status quo
  • Challenged with cost increases, no control, lack of transparency, no reward for performing well

Oswald’s Impact:

  • Through Oswald’s strategic direction, the group moved into a preferred captive pool. By doing so, they gained clarity as to what was driving cost and implemented targeted programs to manage the cost drivers and mitigate future risk.


  • Per Employee Per Year (PEPY) savings of 36 percent
  • ALL premium allocated to pay claims, that is not used, is retained by group
  • Benefits value increased
  • Employee cost reduced
  • No changes to network
  • Better ability to attract and retain

To learn more, watch our on-demand webinar series about the strategy, structure and how captives can work for you. See why captives – Group and Single Parent – are among the fastest growing areas of the insurance market in both Employee Benefits and Property & Casualty.

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