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Internet Crossing GuardSocial Media Check: How to Become your Family’s “Internet Crossing Guard”

Author: Kimberly Lucarelli Date:October 12th, 2018

People of all generations are embracing social media: we want to interact with others, to know what they are doing and talking about. Today, dozens of social platforms and messenger applications promise us the ability to do this instantly. Research shows that people today spend up to two hours each day on social media sites, […]

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[VIDEO] osWell Health Clip Ep. 4: Is Coffee Good For You?

Author: Aaron Witwer Date:October 8th, 2018

osWell Health Clip is a feature presented by osWell Health Management For this article I have to talk about coffee. News from earlier this year has people on edge about a cancer causing agent in coffee, so it seemed like a good time to shed some comforting light on this delicious beverage. I’m just going to […]

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