Services Offered

We are well connected to your industry.

When you choose Oswald as your risk management partner, you receive much more than a solid insurance policy. Consider these benefits:

Covering All Your Business Insurance Needs with a Wide Choice of Insurers
Oswald specializes in writing all the unique insurance coverages for your firm including professional liability, business insurance and executive risk coverage. We represent a selection of the strongest, most well respected insurance carriers serving our niche market.

Quality Continuing Education Programs
Oswald offers education programs that provide your firm the knowledge needed to reduce risk avoid claims and impact your bottom line. What’s more, these programs earn the continuing education credits professionals need to meet state requirements and may qualify for premium credit with insurance companies.

Experienced Contract Review Services
Our in-house professionals have years of experience reviewing contract language from an insurability and risk management perspective. We help you spot onerous conditions in client-drafted contracts and recommend protective language that equitably allocates risk.

In-Depth Risk Management Review®
Our exclusive Risk Management Review is the most comprehensive analytical tool you will find to help you identify your liability exposures and develop a custom loss prevention program.

Claims Services
Our long history with the design and construction industry means that in the event of a project upset or claim, we can help your firm find qualified defense counsel, partnering and mediation facilitators, expert witnesses and other valuable services and resources.

Advocates for your Industry
At Oswald, we understand the emerging risk management issues you are facing. We stay connected and work side-by-side with your professional industry associations to help reduce your risk through activities such as state legislative support, client education programs and seminar sponsorships.

Providing Concierge Services
Oswald will provide your firm with a degree of personalized service you simply can’t find from any other insurance agents or brokers. Our concierge level service provides you, whenever possible with same day turnaround for certificate of insurance requests and contract review services. We are the only insurance agency that customizes your insurance program through our exclusive Risk Management Review. For you, than can translate into a better-managed firm with a healthier bottom line.

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