Captive insurance solutions designed to protect income.

Oswald Captive Solutions is an integrated approach for helping middle-market companies more effectively manage risks through a proprietary insurance company. It is structured to more efficiently cover exposures for business owners that are currently self-funded, while offering a window that rewards profits for any loss-control efforts.

A recent evolution in interpretations of federal tax case law involving IRS Code 831(b) is encouraging businesses with adequate cash flows to create a separate entity, know as a captive insurance company. Its mission is to cover self-funded exposures and serve insurance gaps, which traditional insurance policies cannot address.

Captive insurance company benefits:

  • Capture underwriting profits currently earned by insurance market
  • Efficient funding of self-insured business risks
  • Lower traditional costs
  • Conversion of ordinary income to capital gains
  • 25% or greater ROI
  • Reserves available to fund life insurance needs of owners
  • Effective wealth transfer mechanism

Like any insurance company, a captive is expected to invest funds and improve capacity for servicing claims. The IRS requires insurance companies and captives alike to properly price and diversify their covered risks. To satisfy this, individual captives must collaborate with captives of other parent companies to meet risk distribution requirements. Working with a qualified captive management service is critical to successfully satisfying these requirements.

Let our team of experts design a captive insurance solution that’s right for you. Contact us today.

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