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Agribusiness is constantly evolving, along with the risks that come with it. Rest assured that whether you are a farmer, processor, equipment manufacturer, distributor, or brewer our comprehensive risk mitigation approach makes Agriculture and Farming Insurance one less concern for your business. Oswald is an employee owned, full-service insurance brokerage and risk management firm and we can assist on the following:

  • Property and Casualty Insurance
  • Employee Benefits and Wellness
  • Cybersecurity
  • Product Recall Coverage
  • Executive Risk
  • Claims Management and Advocacy
  • Retirement Planning and investments

Oswald’s Comprehensive Approach to Agriculture

We look at you as more than an Agricultural enterprise. There are people, property, and business interests that are unique to your organization. With the help of experienced Oswald Advisors, we will work with you to recommend proper coverage and protect what matters most to your business.

Oswald has been a partner in risk management for the Chef’s Garden for more than 15 years. They have been proactive as we have expanded, responsive to changes in our business model and have consistently assisted in establishing protocols and measures to operate as safety as possible. The team at Oswald is extremely knowledgeable in risk management and insurance and they understand the farming operating and we are grateful for this partnership. -Bob Jones Jr., Co-Owner and COO, The Chef's Garden, Inc.

Property and Casualty

Your property and equipment are some of your most important assets. When a breakdown or damage occurs, we will work to have you back up and running as fast as possible. We know that every operation is different, and we work to customize coverage for your specific needs.

Employee Benefits and Wellness

Employees are as important if not more important than your equipment and facilities for a successful business. Attracting and retaining those employees may include offering benefits like such as group medical, and dental insurance. There are other available options that may be a better fit for your operation including an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) or a variety of  Voluntary Benefits like disability or critical illness which can be structured at no additional cost to the employer.


With advances in agricultural methods and equipment comes the use and more reliance on technology. Hardware and software used in operations can be compromised by outside actors. Sensitive data may also be at risk. This can leave a business vulnerable to shutdowns, penalties, and fines. We can evaluate a companies’ needs for Cybersecurity Coverages to help protect and replace your technological assets.

Product Recall Coverage

Protecting the integrity of your agriculture business and its reputation are more important than ever. Product recalls can devastate an organization if they are not planned for ahead of time. Product Recall Insurance covers more than a General Liability Policy and can be structured to reimburse a business for losses and expenses incurred from a covered product recall event.

Executive Risk

As an Agricultural Executive or Owner, you may be at risk from decisions that were made in our litigious society. Protecting you and your business is done through a customized approach after we understand you and your operation.

Claims Management and Advocacy

As a full-service risk management and insurance brokerage, we can handle all claims from start to finish. Our in house team of experienced Client Managers work directly with clients and carriers to facilitate a quick resolution to your claim. Our job is not over until your Agricultural claim has been settled.


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