Life Insurance

Protect yourself and your legacy.

Offering the skills and personal attention of a life insurance advocate, our teams combine personal risk management expertise with opportunities for income, savings and legacy protection by delivering:

  • High level of integrity
  • Strong expertise achieved from over 100 years industry experience
  • Dedicated specialty life team
  • Strong carrier relationships that ensure ideal coverage and competitive premiums

Our specialty life team works along side your accountant, attorney and family office to design custom solutions that become part of a strategic plan – financial, estate, succession.

We offer the following specialty life services:

Policy Audit
Life insurance is an asset that is often ignored. A life insurance policy audit measures the performance of your current life insurance policies versus current products available in the market today. Through careful analysis we can help you determine if your current coverage still meets your needs and objectives.

Trust Owned Life Insurance (TOLI)
TOLI is a valuable estate planning tool which requires active management on the part of the trustee. Oswald’s professionals recognize the fiduciary responsibilities of the trustee, and are here to provide unbiased third-party analysis on the financial well being of the trust owned policies.

Portfolio Management
Our experienced service team assists clients and their advisors with the management, analysis and servicing of large life insurance portfolios. Often times, families or businesses own several insurance policies with multiple insureds and owners. Our technical and service associates work with your family office, accountants and attorneys to ensure that you, your family and your business are properly protected. Regularly scheduled portfolio audits are performed and provided to our clients, these audits include policy performance updates, current values, premium payment alerts and ownership and beneficiary information.

Wealth Transfer
Life insurance and annuity products play an integral role in estate planning and wealth transfer strategies. The leverage created by permanent life insurance allows families to spend wealth more freely during their lifetime, while preserving their family’s legacy.

Philanthropic giving
Create a legacy with the community, foundation, or a favorite institution in a way that is beyond gifting money. Leverage your gifts through the use of life insurance and create the potential to give a much larger gift at time of death – potentially 3 to 5 times the original pledge.

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