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Expert advice on the implementation of your surety program.

Depending on your needs, our surety services may include an in-depth review of your business, a narrative write-up, underwriter meetings, program negotiation and ongoing client relationship building with the surety underwriter. Our goal is to ensure clear, candid and frequent communication between all parties in order to deliver maximum surety capacity and service without any surprises.

Types of Bonds Written

Businesses use surety bonds for a variety of reasons, which include meeting government requirements or guaranteeing obligations between private parties. Normally, each surety bond includes a financial or performance guarantee, or both. Oswald is a full service surety broker offering of a complete complement of surety bonds in the following categories.

  • Construction Bonds and Contract Bonds:  These include bid, performance, payment and maintenance bonds.
  • Commercial & Court Bonds:  These include appeal, supersedeas, court, bank depositor, customs, license, permit, lien, reclamation, tax, subdivision, supply, utility, wage & welfare, self-insured bonds and many more.
  • Fiduciary & Probate Bonds:  These include guardian, conservator, administrator, executor, receiver and trustee bonds

Mark L. Rader, VP & Surety Practice Leader at Oswald Companies, brings 30 years of surety industry experience to solve your most complex and demanding bonding issues.  Mark is a recognized expert at identifying ways to solve bonding problems that fit your needs.