OswaldCARES: Community Engagement

Commitment to Community is a pillar of Oswald Companies. It serves as a core value that is continually reinforced in our employee-owners and carried into all of the communities we serve.

In addition to charitable donations and event participation throughout the year, leaders and employee-owners take action for charitable causes, including serving on a multitude of nonprofit boards, participating in fundraising programs and events and giving back through volunteer work.

Commitment in Every Corner.

Oswald’s ongoing philanthropic efforts, and genuine care and involvement from employee-owners at each corner of the business, has a halo effect. Our clients, partners and carriers have recognized the passion behind these programs. In some cases, they get involved or choose to refer our company to other like-minded organizations that share the same levels of dedication. Counted together, Oswald’s employee-owners serve on hundreds of boards aiding causes including health and human services, the arts and children’s charities.

Oswald Conference Centre

We know how difficult it can be for nonprofits to find access to meeting space. That’s why, when designing our headquarters at Oswald Centre, we created first-floor conference space that we provide free of charge for all area nonprofits to hold meetings and small events. The Conference Centre serves as the lasting way for us to show our appreciation to the community that has supported us since 1893.

The following are several of Oswald’s most valued programs:

Oswald’s Days of Caring: Every year, the company sets aside Days of Caring, when all are invited to work together on a common cause. Employee-owners can also choose their own Day of Caring – on company time – to support organizations important to them personally.

Oswald Cares: This is Oswald’s employee-owner driven governing body that brings all fundraising and volunteering opportunities under one umbrella. This also includes internal fundraising and volunteer activities that support employees during the times they need it most.

Oswald Charitable Giving Committee: Employees can request Oswald contributions and participation for donations and charitable involvement.