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The world of surety bonds can be intimidating and confusing, to say the least. We take the confusion out of the process by pulling the curtain back to clearly explain what’s involved, while ensuring candid and frequent communication between all parties. We deliver maximum surety capacity and service without any surprises, whether you are a construction company, a commercial enterprise or law firm.

Think of Oswald as your liaison to the surety world, telling your story so you can achieve your goals.

Why Does My Business Need a Surety Bond?

Businesses need surety bonds for a variety of reasons, including meeting government requirements or guaranteeing obligations between private parties. A surety bond often includes a financial or performance guarantee, or both. Oswald offers surety bonds in the following categories.

  • Construction Bonds and Contract Bonds: Bid, performance, payment and maintenance bonds
  • Commercial & Court Bonds: Appeal, supersedes, court, bank depositor, customs, license, permit, lien, reclamation, tax, subdivision, supply, utility, wage and welfare, self-insured bonds and many more
  • Fiduciary & Probate Bonds: Guardian, conservator, administrator, executor, receiver and trustee bonds

A Strategy for Surety Success

Using our extensive surety experience, we perform a comprehensive assessment of your needs, offer you the best available strategic advice and guide you through the placement of your surety program. We have access to all major surety companies and worldwide service capability.


For construction companies, we have created the SuretyLens process to share what bond underwriters want to see and how they evaluate your company. By closely focusing on these points up front, we position your company for the best outcome with bond underwriters before they evaluate your company for bonding. We show you exactly what surety underwriters do with your financial information, and what you can do to vastly improve your bonding outcomes before approaching any surety for additional bonding support.

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Bank Depositor Bonds

Oswald Companies and Nirvana Surety Solutions provide a preferred depositor bond program for commercial banks. Depositor bonds are issued by the nation’s largest, most highly rated insurance carriers. They allow banks to offer deposit insurance protection in excess of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) coverage to their most valued public and private entity clients. The ability to offer this protection enables banks to attract and retain their most valued customers, while also releasing pledged collateral to fund the bank’s investment and loan portfolios.

What’s in it for You

  • Streamlined application and underwriting process handled by experienced financial institution underwriters
  • Banks may choose the limits and specific customers they want to protect, with a goal of attracting larger deposits.
  • Coverage complies with state regulations and is available for a single depositor, scheduled individual depositors or a specific group.
  • Avoid pledging securities to secure deposits and ease administrative time and resources.
  • Cost-effective alternative to free up Tier I capital
  • Research on state-specific requirements
  • You gain access to experienced professionals. Oswald is a member of the National Association of Surety Bond Producers (NASBP) and we take pride in our proven ability to solve problems when others cannot.


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Oswald Companies
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Nirvana Surety Solutions
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