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The threat of an active shooter event has become an all too unfortunate fear and reality that should be addressed by organizations. Oswald has developed an Active Assailant Insurance program to deal with this ever-present risk. No one can predict when a tragedy will occur. However, in the event of a catastrophic event, you can rest assured that the proper policy is in place to provide your employees and business with the support, guidance and means to overcome the loss.

Active Assailant Event

An event is defined as an assailant causing property damage and/or bodily injury to one or more persons. A threat would be classified as evacuation or lockdown of an insured location upon order by civil or military authority by the insured in the event of an active assailant event or hostage situation.

A traditional terrorism policy may leave gaps in coverage that do not cover these events. Oswald’s program is designed to find coverage for:

  • Legal Liability and Physical Damage
  • Crisis Management and Post Event Counselling
  • Business Interruption and Employee Expenses
  • Active Shooter Coverage Across All Organization Types
  • Informant Reward

Legal Liability and Physical Damage

Organizations may find themselves under intense scrutiny for actions taken or not taken leading up to, during or after an event. The cost of a physical loss resulting from the damage and destruction of an event will be covered. There are certain damages that the insured will be legally obligated to pay after an active shooter event. This coverage will help to protect the insured.

Crisis Management and Post-Event Counseling

In the aftermath of an active assailant event, there may be needs that a traditional policy cannot provide to this emerging risk. Crisis management consultants can be brought in to handle a variety of difficulties, including crafting a public relations response to customers, employees and clients or providing comfort to employees and their families through grief counseling. This coverage can also assist with the unbearably tragic costs associated with funerals or physical rehabilitation of employees that suffered bodily harm from the event.

Business Interruption and Employee Expenses

Employees and organizations can incur losses outside of physical damage and legal liability. There can be an interruption in the ability of the organization to operate, therefore causing a loss of earnings. The organization may also appear less attractive to current or potential prospects, customers and employees. Coverage for additional expenses can help counter this perception and aid in recruitment to help replace employees that may have left following the incident.

Active Assailant Coverage Across All Organization Types

Business and office locations have the highest incidence of risk according to FBI statistics. Sadly, there is no single business, organization or geography that is immune to an active assailant event. Standard liability coverage may not be enough to cover all exposures. Oswald’s uniquely designed policy will support the needs of your organization.

  • Commerce, Places of Business – 43.7%
  • Educational Institutions – 20.6%
  • Open Spaces – 13.4%
  • Government Facilities – 9.4%
  • Private Residences – 4.3%
  • Health Care Facilities – 4.3%
  • Place of Worship – 4.0%
  • Other – 0.4%
Active Assailant Incidents by Location

Between 2000 and 2018 there were 277 active shooter incidents in the United States. Here is the location breakdown.

Informant Reward

If an assailant were to regrettably escape from the scene and evade capture, the apprehension of the assailant will be a top priority. The insured may offer a reward for any information leading to the capture of the suspect. Coverage can provide payment to the insured.

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