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Concierge services, delivered to the finest detail

Oswald’s Personal Insurance specialists offer tailored solutions for clients with complex personal risk management needs. Oswald’s belief in proactive consulting means we are dedicated to providing solutions to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs. Most importantly, clients are managed by Oswald’s dedicated, in-house team of advisors, rather than serviced by a third-party call center.

Depth of resources, personalized attention and proactive planning from seasoned advisors make Oswald Companies your preferred partner for risk management and long-term protection.

Our clients are individuals and families with unique personal risk management needs. Learn more below.

24/7 Claims Advocacy

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Client Testimonials

I have worked with Oswald for several years on my client's insurance accounts. Thus, when my husband and I decided to change our insurance provider and agency, I immediately thought of the Oswald Companies. I would recommend Oswald to my friends and family, which is the biggest compliment we can give.

- J. Bonda, President at JH Bonda & Company

I have enjoyed an outstanding relationship with Oswald for over 30 years in my business and professional practice. That relationship has been enhanced and enriched by the excellent service provided on my personal account.

The Cleveland Foundation trusts Oswald for our complex insurance needs, and I personally rely on and trust Oswald to protect my family from loss or liability.

- R. Richard, President/CEO at Cleveland Foundation

Oswald is committed to keeping you updated on the latest trends and resources. Please follow our blog articles to stay informed.