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Your transaction is unique. So are our solutions.

Oswald’s proprietary process provides Return On Insurance (ROI) every step of the way. Our sole focus is to implement cutting-edge techniques that give your firm ROI through:

TIME: Outsourced professional expertise for your organization
MONEY: Results in premium stability, claim resolution and coverage efficacy
UNCERTAINTY (reduction): Anticipate/inform on compliance, legislation, coverage enhancements

Oswald offers diverse and extensive expertise in managing the often complicated world of mergers and acquisitions. We are able to leverage our deep resources to build a targeted solution tailored to ensuring the success of your transaction. This includes providing counsel to strategic buyers by reducing investment risks, so potential for reward is maximized. Our process to ensuring your success includes asking these questions:

  • Can the buyer accept the new risks inherent in the transaction?
  • What are the “deal breakers,” and how can they be resolved?
  • What impact does the risk have on the financial statements and can this be mitigated?
  • What is the vision for growth and how can it be implemented?
  • Can synergies between operating companies be designed, implemented and achieved?

To manage the broad range of risks you face, we offer the following services through a single point of contact:

  • Risk management
  • Employee benefits
  • Retirement plans
  • Life insurance and executive compensation plans
  • Post-acquisition program management
  • Human capital
  • Corporate aggregation
  • Transactional Risk Insurance through TRA