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Providing a World of Protection Around Your Investments

Private Equity firms know that transactions move in record time in today’s market. Your investments deserve full due diligence to fill in possible gaps in current coverage. Oswald’s global, multi-disciplinary Risk Management Practices support your deals.


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On-Demand Webinar: The Impact of COVID-19 on Mergers and Acquisitions

As an Assurex Global partner, Oswald offers decades of experience and worldwide resources. Maximizing return on investment (ROI) for your transactions, Oswald’s Private Equity risk advisors will help maximize the value of your investments. We take the time to evaluate the unique buying situation that allows us to develop a game plan that not only protects against risk but predictably manages the ongoing process for your funds and portfolio companies.

Due Diligence and Human Capital Assessment

Oswald’s multi-disciplinary due diligence assessment identifies what gaps may exist in current insurance coverages and fills them to mitigate risk. Evaluating compliance for each line of insurance at all levels of the organization for potential red flags will identify current best practices and determine what coverage can be added to drive the value of the portfolio. Examining human capital risk such as compensation, pension, labor relations and corporate culture brings confidence to the decision-making process.

Property and Casualty Insurance

The safety of a facility and its employees is one major component of your acquisitions. Our safety experts can be on site for a comprehensive risk assessment. We inspect all necessary OSHA and DOL compliance aspects of a facility. With proper coverage in place, risk exposure is minimized through cost-effective policies, which drive higher exit value for your transactions.

    Loss Control Reporting

  • Operations – facilities, vehicles, safety systems (sprinklers, fire extinguishers, etc.)
  • Procedures – data and cybersecurity, safety operations
  • Product Liability – manufacturer, design or misuse error

    OSHA and DOL Compliance

  • Programs – workers compensation, safety training, and prevention
  • Environmental Insurance – past and current practices with regards to pollution control, waste disposal or ecological disasters.

Employee Benefits

Our team will drive value, ensuring benefits are competitive with the market. We will mitigate the company’s exposure with an in-depth compliance review up to closing and after. Oswald’s experience and use of data-driven processes allow us to accurately predict outcomes and achievable initiatives. We will make certain the program is running at maximum efficiency and sustainably placed. Oswald can help make mergers and acquisitions smooth for all parties with minimal disruption.

401(k) and Retirement Plan Services

Oswald can service and manage any type of retirement plan. Working with a qualified advisor to complete due diligence and remain in compliance are paramount in any transaction to minimize disruption to employees and create greater enterprise value.

In all private equity transactions, we perform extensive due diligence and value analysis. The purpose is to identify potential cost savings and compliance deficiencies. The goal is to enhance the plan without increasing costs. This supports a lean, efficient plan that will minimize risk and increase returns on a company’s total value.

Key Person Life Insurance and Executive Compensation

Protection of assets with insurance will mitigate possible setbacks should a catastrophic event befall a key person to the organization. A simple term policy can keep investors and the company from being crippled or shutting down. Reinforcing that high-net-worth executives will be retained is vital to transition. Oswald’s advisors can review wage scales in relation to the responsibility and necessity of executives to the transaction’s long-term success.

Reps and Warranties Insurance (RWI)

When breaches of a contract or inaccurate representations are discovered from the seller, buyers can be compensated fairly. Oswald’s Transactional Risk Advisors (TRA) can facilitate placing the necessary coverage to protect your transactions.

  • Tax Liability Insurance – Taxes can have a large impact on the final value of a transaction. Should a taxing authority disagree or change a decision, this policy can cover the costs.
  • Contingent Liability Insurance – Closing deals with diligent expedience is the priority. Knowing potential liabilities ahead of time can ease the time of transactions.

Portfolio Program Management

Oswald’s post-closing strategy starts with identifying liabilities and coverage gaps, resolving compliance concerns and driving results. The objectives set in the post strategy should match the objectives and values going forward for the company. Specific dates and financial goals will help keep teams focused and accountable to hit milestones.

The acquisition process is going to bring a new environment to all involved. Keeping open lines of communication with all employees can ease the change. Merging culture is just as much a process as financial and operational integration. Oswald’s comprehensive diligence and support team are fully committed to delivering meaningful outcomes and maximizing ROI.