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Oswald’s nationally recognized professional construction practice is built on a strong foundation of knowledge, collaboration, and industry leading products, services and carrier relationships. From construction risk management and insurance, to professional liability for architects and engineers, and surety bond solutions, Oswald provides a holistic approach to serving our clients.

We view risk from the ownership perspective, understanding the unique needs and urgency of situations that arise, and responding in real-time to our clients. We are forward-thinking on behalf of our clients, in both creative solutions to their risk management, liability, surety bonds and insurance needs, and in providing protection and preparation for the opportunities ahead.

We call on our team’s depth, experience and fundamental knowledge to meet core challenges that our construction clients face, as well are finely in-tune with emerging products and breakthrough solutions in our industry.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to offer one-of-kind service and offerings. Learn more about the Oswald Construction Practice and our integrated service model and capabilities.

Stay tuned for this Risk Hub in 2019. More coming soon!