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Oswald’s nationally recognized professional design and construction insurance practice is built on a strong foundation of knowledge, collaboration, and a wide array of products to help minimize risk for business owners and contractors as well as architects and engineers. Oswald’s comprehensive coverage guards against a variety of risks:

  • Construction General Liability
  • Builders Risk Insurance
  • Comprehensive Project Risk Solutions
  • Professional Liability for Architects and Engineers
  • Surety Bond Solutions
  • Workers Compensation

Construction General LiabilityPeople working on a construction site

Contractors are regularly exposed to the risk of damages to property, bodily harm or possible defective work, Oswald will work to provide proper protection. The financial liabilities that come with these incidents can cripple your business without proper construction insurance coverage.

Builders Risk Insurance

Should a physical loss of equipment, materials or fixtures occur over the course of construction or renovation, Oswald’s Risk Management Advisors will tailor a policy for your construction project. Coverage like this is often required to meet government regulations or can be a factor in conditions for banking or surety bond conditions.

Comprehensive Project Risk Solutions

Every construction project is different. Oswald has the experience and capability to assess the potential hazards and risks that come with each new venture. Our risk control advisors can recommend risk control measures as well as put coverages in place to address project risk from start to finish:

  • Safety of job and job site
  • Contractual risks from contractors and sub-contractors
  • Environmental issues that may halt a project
  • Cybersecurity and attacks
  • Residential Wrap Solutions

Professional Liability for Architects and Engineers

Also known as errors and omissions coverage, Oswald delivers your firm the protection it requires. This can be for defense and investigative costs or settlement payments resulting from possible errors in work that may not have met specifications. Your firm’s insurance requirements will be unique. Oswald can evaluate your needs and meet them with proper coverage.

Surety Bonds

Making sure the project is completed in a manner initially agreed upon can be covered with a surety bond. Surety bonds protect the performance and payment risks consistent with construction. The lifeblood of many contractors depends on strong surety credit. Oswald offers wide market access to ensure contracts are carried out, financial obligations are met, and construction standards are executed.

Workers Compensation

Construction projects all carry an inherent risk of injury for employees. To help cover medical and rehabilitation costs, and potentially lost wages, most states will require a workers compensation insurance policy in place. However, every state is different. Oswald’s construction advisors will work to fill all gaps in coverage.

Who needs Construction Insurance?

Most clients will require project-specific coverage. Anyone involved in construction of any sort needs policies in place. If you work with any of these areas and do not have coverage, you are putting your business future at risk:

  • Commercial Construction – office buildings, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, retail
  • Home improvements – fences, decks, roofing, windows, siding
  • Homebuilding – land clearing, excavation, concrete laying, paving
  • Contractors – electrical, mechanical, plumbing

Coverage and Cost

Each project and situation offer its own distinctive challenges. Oswald will assess that risk and offer the best possible coverage for your project. Our construction insurance specialists understand the day to day risks of construction projects. The right construction insurance policy could be the difference between staying in business or not.

We view risk from the ownership perspective, understanding the exceptional needs and urgency of situations that arise, and responding in real-time to our clients. We are forward-thinking on behalf of our clients, in both creative solutions to their risk management, liability, surety bonds, and insurance needs, and in providing protection and preparation for the opportunities ahead.

We call on our team’s depth, experience, and fundamental knowledge to meet core challenges that our construction clients face, as well are finely in-tune with emerging products and breakthrough solutions in our industry.