OswaldCLIMBS: Emerging Leaders Initiative

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The opportunity to harness the power driving the next generation of risk and insurance leaders is close at hand. It starts as a collaborative work environment with dedicated individuals committed to supporting each other while gaining industry knowledge, management skills, client service experience and personal growth strategies.

Co-founded in 2016 by employee-owner Christina Schmitz, and led by Chair Kayla Huff, OswaldCLIMBS focuses on the recruitment, retention and advancement of emerging talent, as well as to tackle stereotypes in the risk management and insurance industries head on.

We are uniting a diverse group of stakeholders through common goals of growth and sustainability focused on key activities to advance and develop internal emerging leaders. The goal is to elevate both the firm and the industry as a career path of choice for students and those in career transitions.

Whatever stage of your career or tenure in a position, a successful culture relies on moving in same direction, sharing knowledge and experiences, and helping each other along the way.

Oswald Companies calls on its own core values and wealth of talent to make purposeful and visible efforts to support knowledge transfer among generations, mentorship and leadership development through OswaldCLIMBS. This initiative has been established to set a new standard for our industry and perpetuate the growth of our organization.

OswaldCLIMBS hosts a variety of development, engagement and community service opportunities throughout the year, along with leading several major projects for the organization in step with its strategic plan. It is a proud corporate member of Engage!Cleveland and supports various insurance education initiatives throughout Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.


  • Attract and develop professionals to become the next generation of company leaders.


  • In 2023, OswaldCLIMBS will redefine itself through increasing development opportunities, engagement in the community, and its overall presence.

The Leadership Council Has Established Six Core Pillars:

  1. Cultivate – Develop and improve skills through education and training to prepare for future endeavors.
  2. Lead – Demonstrate 360⁰ leadership through all areas of life.
  3. Inspire – Influence others to engage with Oswald and our initiative.
  4. Mobilize – Increase awareness to guide like-minded emerging leaders in our efforts.
  5. Build – Foster key relationships to further advancement and strengthen culture.
  6. Serve – Actively and purposefully exhibit our core commitment to community.

For more information, contact OswaldCLIMBS@oswaldcompanies.com.